Are you having difficulty communicating or getting your needs met in your relationship?

Are you feeling depressed and disconnected from others?

Are you having a difficult time getting over the loss of a relationship?

Do you feel nervous and anxious more often than not?

Has your sense of creativity seemed to vanish?

Having difficulties finishing tasks or staying focused?

Wrestling with changes in your life or work that you no longer feel the flexibility to address directly?

You’ve likely landed here because you’re working out a problem in your life and are in need of some ideas or solutions. You might be suffering in a way that you haven’t before and searching to put things right in your life and mind. I can help by working with you to fully and clearly identify the areas of your life that are not functioning well, the origins of those areas, and to provide you with strategies and options which can lead to greater fulfillment, peace of mind, or happiness.

Finding the right therapist or psychologist in San Francisco can seem like a daunting, anxiety-provoking task, often coming at the precise moment when you are feeling at your most vulnerable. The good news is that you’re here, making the first step towards reclaiming your life and feeling better !

Whether you are suffering with symptoms of anxiety, worry, or depression that have come about suddenly and without warning or have formed following relationship problems, divorce, or a break up, psychotherapy can help you to regain your equilibrium. Speaking with a psychotherapist can help you to examine your life and develop skills and insights that can increase your awareness of the options you have.

The old way you have of dealing with your stress and pain may no longer be working the way it once did, but fully choosing and committing to a new way may be frightening and seem unattainable to you. You don’t have to learn these new ways on your own. Therapy can help you replace the maladaptive patterns with ways that simply work better.

My office is conveniently located in Downtown San Francisco between Union Square, the Financial District and SOMA and is served by all forms of public transportation.

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