Feeling Stuck ?

by Dr. Brown on May 6, 2010

I was struck by an idea this evening as I answered a rare knock to my door. Namely, that if you’re feeling stuck in your life there are probably areas in your life where there isn’t much movement. Sounds obvious, right? You might point out the many daily activities you do as evidence of your movement, the rituals of daily life I’ll call them. Yet we absolutely take these small rituals for granted, thinking of them as movement simply because we, as human beings, are animated. For example, I might get in my car every morning and drive to work, stopping along the way to buy a paper at the newsstand and a coffee and pastry at the cafe. I’ve created a routine for my experience, something dependable and smooth. I might even tell myself that I count on the experience as an important touchstone of my day.

And it is exactly that. Stone.

When you want to unstick yourself in the larger arenas of your life, the first place to look is to the smallest, simplest detail. Make the small changes and the larger ones will follow. If you drive to work, change your route, even by a block or two. Take a different exit on the highway. Pay attention to the movements and choices that you make on a minute by minute basis, all the things that you take for granted. When you notice what they are, you can vary them, you can expand the level of choice you have in all the things you do. Habit can be comforting and it can be the very glue that is keeping you stuck to the emotional experience you’d so much like to change.

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