The Fastest Way Is the Longest Way

by Dr. Brown on June 23, 2010

This small aphorism, seemingly contradictory and nonsensical, has stuck with me since the first time I heard it, more than 20 years ago. I like that it’s contradictory and that it makes you stop in your thoughts, retrace your steps, and take a more considered view of what is being posited. This simple statement is actually asking you something. You miss the question if you simply nod your head in response to this lulling statement. Increasingly, life seems to ask that each moment be filled to capacity…and beyond. The density of our lives is not only how many things we can cram into the time we’ve been given, it’s also how we experience those things. What did that blueberry you had for breakfast really taste like ? What was it like on your tongue, in your mouth ? Do you think about these sorts of things, or do you eat what’s in front of you without too much consideration ?

Shifting your attention towards the quality of your experience and what you do is to take a step on the longest path and will yield immediate and tangible results. You and your work benefit by deliberate action and focus.

I’m nearly at the end of my post for the evening and I realize that I hadn’t even considered the question of destination. Fastest way, longest way, shortest way, no matter…Where the hell are we headed, anyway ?

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