How important is your confidentiality, really ? In a world where less and less of our lives are truly private, having a place where you can be yourself, learn about yourself and express yourself safely is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

My personal belief is that your confidentiality and privacy are rapidly shrinking in the context of a world where people around you are seemingly baring their souls (and more !) to a world of unknown strangers.

The confidential relationship that is central to psychotherapy allows you to speak your mind so that you may freely access your innermost thoughts without fear. Without the trust and security that your personal information is being kept confidential, psychotherapy is lacking the essential element instrumental to its success.

My belief in the importance of your privacy dictates the core of my practice.

  1. Insurance companies and other third party payers do not have your best interests in mind.
  2. Despite recent legislation, your personal health information can be held against you.
  3. The confidentiality leak is the ‘elephant in the room’ and prevents you (at least unconsciously, if not more) from speaking your true thoughts and desires…and may prevent us from addressing it as an impediment to your growth.

Of course, there are legal exceptions and limits to confidentiality in which I may be legally mandated to break confidentiality, only to the extent necessary, to prevent you inflicting harm to yourself or others.

Managed care panels, insurance companies, and third party payers all have, as a part of the treatment agreement, access to your personal health information, your diagnosis, and many details of the treatment. In many instances, these third parties may also make determinations and treatment decisions regarding the type, frequency and duration of visits.

My personal ethic is to preserve your confidentiality to the fullest extent permissible by law and to provide you with

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