These are some of the mental health websites that I’ve found to be particularly helpful and informative. One note regarding the self screening instruments: they are not meant in any way to give a definitive diagnosis of a psychological condition or mental disorder.

Self Screening Instruments:

The Mayo Clinic offers this quick inventory on symptoms of depression.

The Barefield Clinic offers a screening for symptoms of anxiety.

A well regarded instrument for screening symptoms of ADHD, the Harvard ADHD Screener is available as a PDF.

Informational Sites


National Resource Center on AD/HD


Calm Clinc
Ryan Rivera and the Calm Clinic have assembled one of the most thorough and comprehensive resources on anxiety that I’ve seen. It’s filled with excellent screeninginformation as well as a break down of specific types of anxiety. The site is filled with many excellent tips and techniques for reducing or eliminating anxiety.

It’s well worth spending some time here.


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