Psychotherapy is a talking treatment which allows you the freedom and opportunity to examine your life, both past and present, in a depth and intensity that is usually not available in your everyday world. A psychologist, counselor, or psychotherapist listens to your words and stories and helps you to hear what you have said, enabling you to make more sense of the events in your life.

I see each person coming to my practice as a unique individual with specific needs and desires. I have extensive training in both short term as well as long term treatments. Often it will happen that a person may come in seeking a brief treatment for a specific situation only to discover that there is much more that he or she wants to know about their history. Similarly, a person may come in thinking to take on his or her entire life only to discover that a short term intervention to relieve the immediate distress and resolve the short term conflicts is quite sufficient.

Whether a short or long term approach is what you’re looking for, the symptoms and suffering that brings you in are what form the core of the work.

You may initially believe that you want some control over the symptom, that you want it to go away quickly so that you can go on with your life, only to discover a curiosity that drives you deeper into yourself.

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