Conditions Treated


Some indicators of depression include irritability, impaired ability to focus and concentrate, and thoughts of doom or death, subjective feelings of depression, lack of interest or pleasure in usually pleasurable activities, overeating or loss of appetite and poor sleep. Depression can leave you feeling listless, upset, anxious, bored, alienated from self and others, or creatively blocked.


Ranging from a feeling of general nervousness and ill ease to specific fears and phobias, anxiety can be overwhelming and interfere with your daily life. Some physical symptoms include trembling, rapid heartbeat, restlessness and fatigue. Emotional symptoms include irritability or agitation, fear or dread, excessive worry and poor concentration. Anxiety can also manifest in the form of panic attacks, discreet periods of intense nervousness and fear for which there may be no identifiable cause or danger. Many people who experience anxiety are unable to pinpoint any specific cause.


Our relationships with others are the essence of our lives as humans. When we have difficulties forming or keeping those relationships, we can feel alienated, depressed, alone or misunderstood. Learning how to be ourselves with others is a key element to our well being and success. I work with both individuals and couples to bring about more fulfilling relationships.

Job Stress:

Conflicts with boss, supervisors or co-workers, inability to focus or complete tasks, low energy, poor motivation, working long hours, putting others’ needs ahead of your own, inattention or neglect of your health and well being can be indicators that your life-work balance is askew.

Substance Abuse:

If you are questioning yourself regarding your use of alcohol or drugs, there’s a good chance that your use may be causing problems in your life. You may be ready to make a change, or simply contemplating your life with or without the substances. In many instances, substance use can cause or exacerbate symptoms of other disorders. I can help you to examine your choices in light of the greater direction of your live.

Life Circumstance:

Life events – divorce, death, marital infidelity, job loss, relocation – can take us unaware and unprepared where we are overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings and feel some tremendous disruption in our life patterns. Often these can be familiar or repetitive feelings that recall other periods of stress or trauma. Addressing these feelings directly and honestly can help to alleviate the pain.