My Approach

Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Your desire is dying. You know it and you’ve sensed it for some time and you’ve faked your way though life and relationships to a point where it no longer works. The Lacanian psychoanalytic technique can help you to address and divine your desire,–both the articulated desire of “I want this or that” and the unarticulated, unconscious desire that leads to your suffering and repetitions and the ultimate withering of your spirit. My primary approach is Lacanian because I believe that psychotherapy involves more that just recounting what has gone on during your day or week.

The Lacanian School of psychoanalytic though was founded by French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan in Paris in the 1950’s. Dr. Lacan, like Dr. Freud before him, believed that unconscious human desires, wishes and fantasies determine our waking, conscious life. We can see evidence of these desires manifest in dreams, slips of the tongue, errors and symptoms.

Lacan espoused the belief that the unconscious is structured like a language. That is, the words we use to describe ourselves and experiences have the effect of creating meanings in our lives that are as unique as our beings. To understand that meaning and the symptoms that derive from it, we need to decode your suffering through your speech about it. This is where the journey of your cure begins.

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